You are told by us how to Get Married in Morocco

You are told by us how to Get Married in Morocco

My spouce and I didn’t get hitched in Morocco, we instead filed for the K1 visa and had been hitched in Morocco. We later sent applications for my residency as they are trying (still – long story) to register our wedding in Morocco. But great deal of men and women ask me personally how they may get hitched in Morocco – and I also had no concept. Therefore, I inquired a friend that is good of whom did get hitched in Morocco the way they made it happen. I’ve broken the story aside towards the detail by detail procedure and eliminated names. Note, this can be for the American girl marrying a man that is moroccan. The process may not be the same for other nationalities.

One Thirty Days Before Arrival in Morocco

A lot of people have actually a restricted time they could be in Morocco, in this instance it absolutely was 14 days. One before arrival the Moroccan partner began collecting the papers to expedite the process month. Initial point of contact had been a local imam whom assisted for a charge.

Documents Obtained by Moroccan Partner

  • Finalized doctor’s statement of great wellness.
  • Certification through the mukata partner that is certifying maybe perhaps not hitched, calls for signature of 2 witnesses. Must be signed and stamped.
  • Stamped and certified content of Moroccan partners birth certification.
  • Certified and stamped content of court/police record of Moroccan partner.
  • Stamped and copy that is certified of carte sejour.
  • Four (4) passport photos.

Three (3) copies of each paper would have to be made. Every one has to be stamped and signed because of the mukata and fond of the imam.

American Partner Papers to collect

  • an FBI history check
  • Certified content of breakup decree that reported the breakup had been last
  • For those who have perhaps not been hitched then the certification saying you’ve got perhaps not been hitched will be relevant.
  • Original birth certificate
  • Paystubs through the final a few months or a letter from a company place that is stating of, income and amount of time used.

These papers had been scanned and emailed to Moroccan partner whom took them up to a translator that is certified well to be actually mailed to your Moroccan partner. The translations were finished not finalized and stamped through to the originals found its way to Morocco and might be confirmed using the copy that is scanned. The buying price of this could easily differ widely based on where it really is done.

When you do have a divorce decree even more advice to consider, “we had difficulty that is great the divorce or separation decree once the translators had been searching for the English word “Final” into the document. The decree did not have the actual word FINAL but a different word meaning the same thing in this case. The translator that is first to accept that the alternative term within the document designed the same so that it ended up being delivered to a second translator who consented one other term worked and finalized the interpretation.”

Three (3) copies of the papers had been made. They too had been taken fully to the mukata to be stamped and signed. All original and copies should be stamped and finalized.

Us Partner Shows Up in Morocco


A scheduled appointment using the US consulate in Casablanca must be arranged before showing up to Morocco. The proof of appointment, divorce decree, and passport copy were presented at the consulate. The officer delivered an Affadavit of Nationality and Eligibility to Marry, and asks a questions that are few. They simply just simply take a duplicate associated with the biographical page regarding the passport along with the entry stamp to Morocco and notorize. They are then delivered to the cashier and a charge of $50 had been necessary for each notarization.


There are many places in Rabat that have to be checked out.

  • copies of xxxx documents dropped down become translated – it was arranged before the fall off to make certain that it might be performed quickly.
  • Purchase 3, 10 stamps that are dh a shop before alternative.
  • Moroccan Ministry of Justice (ideally within the early morning);
    • current a copy of USC Moroccan entry stamp
    • content of passport
    • content of Moroccan partner’s Carte Sejour
    • Complete a paper provided during the Justice ministry with fundamental biographic information.
    • Submit all documents in the list above, right right here.

If time is short you’ll desire to push them to produce the documents for you the same time. They are going to immediately tell you straight to keep coming back the following day but then they most likely will say come back after lunch if you live far from Rabat or are “leaving Morocco the latin women for sale next day.

  • Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • stand in the area that is holding a duration of the time
    • teams are then allow to the interior waiting room
    • People are called one at a right time as clerks can be found
    • A duplicate associated with documents are handed over and 80dh is needed to stamp a number of the documents.
    • NOTE: The Moroccan partner just isn’t allowed to enter right right here, and a lot of all business is carried out in Arabic of French, that can be very daunting. Just make your best effort!
  • Moroccan Ministry of Justice
    • Go back to grab documents
  • Come back to translator to choose the translations up.

Hometown of Moroccan Partner

  • US resident is needed to obtain a medical check. A doctor will know very well what is needed to obtain the medical certification for wedding. The purchase price is all about 100 dirham.
  • A job interview is necessary during the neighborhood authorities place. Law enforcement review all of the paperwork and have concerns associated with the partnership and every partner. Concerns vary. They indication down for a paper but likewise require the principle to sign down – this part usually takes a time that is long. It should be achieved before it may be released towards the court.
  • Law enforcement part may take several times and the Moroccan partner may wish to be persistent to really make it take place. The documents are immediately delivered to the court. In this instance the Imam had been the “middle man” whom facilitated each percentage of the method. He typically may be the one that knows the judges and their expectations. He is also the point of contact for the motion of this documents.
  • When the approval is constructed of the court the procedure is finalized aided by the imam. The signing associated with wedding agreement by the two lovers could be the last action together with imam submits the lastized last certification.

As you’re able to inform this is certainly a process that is long. You will find large amount of steps and lots of documents needed. In case the partner lives a cross country from|distance that is long Rabat and/or Casablanca you need to want to invest a little bit of amount of time in those two towns and cities getting most of the documents required. You should get in touch with a neighborhood imam immediately. Your lover may choose to discuss with to locate an imam who has done worldwide marriages in order that they is supposed to be knowledgeable about the various process. Additionally put aside a little bit of cash to simply help the procedure along.

I am hoping that is helpful but please understand I’m not legal counsel, or providing you any advice that is legal how exactly to marry in Morocco. This really is a first-hand account that is personal of procedure and actions could alter anytime. Utilize this as being a basic guide but make sure to get neighborhood sincesistance too.

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Hi, i’m visiting morocco in 10 times to marry my moroccan Fiance. I will be from pakistan, living presently in Saudi. I recently necessary to determine if the below documents (currently attested through the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with Consulate of Pakistan) should be attested through the Consulate of Morocco in Jeddah too? *Original Birth Certificate *Original Divorce Certificate *Original Employment Certificate *Original Residence certification

Additionally, I would really like to know that i have real translations of this Birth Certificate and Divorce Certificate in Arabic, both Notarized in Pakistan after which attested by the consulate of Pakistan in Jeddah. Will these translations be accepted in Morocco?

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