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On the surface, Jackson Hewitt doesn’t appear to offer anything different than any of the other software we reviewed. It lets users import a W-2 and tax returns filed with Jackson Hewitt and then walks them through the filing process through a series of questions with explanatory popups. Unlike other providers, TaxSlayer offers limited options to access accountants or professionals who can review a tax return.

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There is a help section where users can post questions, but the responses are boilerplate references to the tax code. Jackson Hewitt’s pricing scheme is at least comparable to what you’d pay Liberty Tax or EFile for the same software—and in some cases, it’s better. The Deluxe edition is only $30, but a state return will cost you an extra $37. Our single taxpayer, with deductions for student loan interest and an IRA contribution, had to use this edition, which is likely to be the right version for many families and retirees as well.

For more complicated returns—self-employed, income over $100,000, rental properties, itemizers, etc.—you’ll have to upgrade to the Premium edition. It comes with a $50 price tag, plus an additional $37 for each state return. The online tax filing software you’ll find on Jackson Hewitt’s website is almost the same software being used by Liberty Tax and EFile customers. One important difference is that you can import information from certain W-2 forms into the Jackson Hewitt product .

Liberty Tax does offer audit assistance and ID theft restoration services, but that costs an extra $30. Although the software was generally easy to use, navigation options were minimal.

Founded in 1955, H&R Block has grown to become the most recognized tax preparation firm for small businesses. The company operates over 12,000 offices worldwide as well as online tax preparation, payroll, and business consulting services. We chose it as our runner up because it offers most of the same online services as TurboTax with a slightly less intuitive interface but at a lower cost. Users also have the option to get their return reviewed by a CPA or agent before they file as well as unlimited live tax advice for an extra fee. If you’re single and you have only a W-2 from your employer (and maybe a 1099-INT from your savings account), filing your own taxes should be straightforward.

That can be a huge time-saver, especially if you have multiple jobs. Those prices are pretty high considering that you don’t get much in terms of additional features. It’s a stripped-down product when compared to its competitors. For example, unlike some other tax prep software programs, you can’t import information from a W-2 or 1099 form. Likewise, we were never asked if we wanted to import information from a prior-year return when starting returns for our hypothetical taxpayers.

Nonetheless, the company offers a 100% accuracy guarantee and reimburses its customers for any federal or state penalties and interest charges. TaxSlayer also states that if their customers don’t receive the maximum refund they are entitled to, they will refund the applicable fees. TaxSlayer offers a simple interface like most of the providers we reviewed. Users just start by entering their tax situation (or importing last year’s tax return), entering their income, or importing a W-2, and the software gets to work finding the best deductions. .7z On-screen explanations aren’t as comprehensive as those of TaxSlayer’s competitors, but users can access phone and email tech support.

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