If the very first falls of pre-cum ease away from him you lick them up immediately

If the very first falls of pre-cum ease away from him you lick them up immediately

You do not waste an additional him, relishing in the short whimper he lets out, before flicking your tongue over his head, body practically vibrating with need when he moans loudly, his head tipping back at the feeling of your mouth on him before you’re gripping. If the very first falls of pre-cum simplicity away from him you lick them up immediately, savouring the flavor of him in the mouth area- he tasted simply the method you thought camcontacts big tits he’d- before blending it together with your spit and dripping it straight straight back into his length and getting lost in the low moans and the quiet ‘fuck’’s that he lets out, his fingers easing themselves into your hair and pull you to him, his hips thrusting weakly as he silently tells you what he wants onto him, rubbing it.

You dig your finger finger nails into their legs warningly, planning your self mentally before you take him completely into your lips, shutting your eyes as he strikes the rear of your neck, moaning around him while you feel your juices drench your feet, aided by the action and hearing him shout above you, stringing out a groan while you continue steadily to ease him to your lips until your nose ended up being cleaning their belly, perhaps not to be able to go while you resist your gag reflex.

‘Fuck, Y/N! ’ he groans, hand gripping your own hair tightly in place, the muscles of his stomach clenching angrily as he resists his orgasm, pulling you off of him when you press your tongue flat against his underside, tracing each vein to tease him into giving it to you as he holds you.

‘You’re this type of fucking tease. ’ he pants, glowering straight straight down at you while you sit grinning up at him, spit dripping from your own lips while you continue steadily to pump him.

Within the blink of a watch he’s hauled you over their shoulder, switching and dropping you onto the couch, hovering over you as their arms grab at your shorts, tugging them quickly down your system and chucking them behind him, quickly returning to looking down at you, arms grazing over your upper body while you pant in anticipation, clawing at their arms in an attempt to bring him down against you, your sides bucking up subconsciously as he reduces himself enough so the tip of his user is cleaning over your core.

‘Kookie, please! ’ you whimper, leaning up to press kiss after kiss on their chest, drawing bright red markings onto their throat as you writhe beneath him, groaning as he continues to be hovering over you.

‘Tell me i’m much better than Taehyung. ’ he whispers, hand squeezing difficult at your breast, making your arch and groan up into their touch, eyes nearly rolling back in the head with need.

‘What? ’ you ask, the haze of lust having covered his terms beneath him, wrapping your legs around his waist and bucking into him, feeling his length slide between your folds and whimpering with the feeling, suffocating the cry that tries to leave your lips as you squirmed.

‘Tell me i’m better than-’

‘Jungkook! We knew you’d be here-’

You growl angrily at whoever had burst into the home, willing to scream as you close your eyes, willing him away at them to get out as you unwrap your legs and sit up, but once you catch sight of Hoseok stood in the doorway, you scrabble into Jungkook, grabbing a pillow from behind you to cover yourself.

‘Get away! ’ Jungkook shouts, the strain hardening his human anatomy having the better of him as he shouts at the older user, narrowing their look while he looks over, but he need to have understood that that could have now been an error.

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