Chargers vs. Titans NFL Pick – Week 7

Even the Los Angeles Chargers look to put previously fast. They wear a pitiful screen against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night national football league picks with a 24-17 loss. The score is not indicative of the game went for the Chargers. Pittsburgh have been in control in the games first drive, so that they coasted and stumbled on the lead. The guide was never responsible for the Steelers, since they set away the game in an onside kick recovery in regulation.
Devil Hodges didnt have to do at quarterback for the Steelers. This was the issue heading into Sunday. It had been a rookie out of the first NFL beginning of his profession of Samford, Hodges. He had been buried on the depth chart behind Mason Rudolph Ben Roethlisberger, also Josh Dobbs from the preseason. Rudolph and roethlisberger both got Dobbs and injured missing the quarterback battle against Rudolph. The Chargers could not take advantage, because their offensive line placed on a embarrassing performance against the Steelers pass rushers.
Hodges passed for just 132 yards with a touchdown and interception, so that goes to show how the offense and unworthy Philip Rivers was to the Chargers. 9 days out of 10, holding a quarterback. It begins and ends with his offensive line that was terrible in the first show, although blaming Rivers is the easy way out for this functionality that is disastrous. The Steelers kicked off the scoring with a score because of a backward pass that scored and was scooped up.
Rivers was only hoping to get rid of the ball to his own security valve and was under pressure on such play. This week it isnt likely to get for the Chargers offensive such as. Say what you want about the crime, however the Tennessee defense will put plenty of strain on business and Rivers . Dont expect to see Marcus Mariota for the Titans since Ryan Tannehill is advised for the starting nod. Mariota was benched after leading the Titans to no issues against the Broncos. Head below to our free Chargers vs. Titans pick.
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The best news for the Chargers is that they could be receiving left handle back Russell Okung . Okung was tethered to a health condition ever since that time, after dealing with a pulmonary embolism brought on by blood clots at June. He needed to sit out the first six weeks of the regular time and theres a possibility he plays Sunday.
However, how much rust he is going to carry into Nashville and his efficacy might be an issue. Thursday declared his first full practice in nine weeks. The rust wills gradually shake off and put into game shape, but in another time zone on the street would be hard.
Okung playing from football shape is better than what we saw in the Chargers offensive line a week. They are going to have to deal with another very great lineup in Week 7. The Titans are 8th in the NFL with just 321.8 yards allowed per game.
Theyre dangerous against the pass with 217.3 points allowed per game. Tennessee have also surrendered only 15.3 points a match to get 5th in the NFL, having allowed 20 points only once this season. So, how does a group with that sort of production possess a record of 2-4?
Well, the problems persist over the offensive side of the globe for the Titans. Their offense are trying to light a spark using Tannehill at quarterback and has been horrendous. They dont make Tannehill win the match, however if the Titans are wise. The Chargers are fully exploitable on the floor, therefore Derrick Henry may be at home in store for a huge afternoon.
The Chargers have allowed a total of 315 yards. Denver are a similar team to the Titans and the Broncos grinded a 20-13 win with their backs. Joe Flacco won and still passed for 182 yards with a touchdown and interception. The Titans wont desire Tannehill to become a savior in this game.
The Chargers defensive line is awful without Melvin Ingram and they will be without defensive tackle Justin Jones too. Anticipate Henry to be the only standout offensively in this contest. He is certainly favored by the matchup . Titans and the Chargers are with some disappointing play on the field recently in chairs. I will give the edge to the home squad in their time zone needing just a field goal to pay this spread.

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