Confessions of an US

Confessions of an US

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Shannon Elizabeth’s notoriety owes more to her Barbie-doll framework (generously shown in “American Pie” movies) than her acting chops, so she’s a choice that is less-than-obvious this cheerful intimate comedy, which attempts with sporadic success to throw her once the type of set-upon bride-to-be with which every gal can determine. With their credit, but, the filmmakers have a great time by filling the film with direct-to-camera narration and Walter Mitty-like dreams, therefore squeezing just as much charm as they could from this woefully familiar formula.

Girls fantasy of these weddings, and Sam (Elizabeth) has finally discovered an ideal small figurine to join her atop the dessert — the kindly Ben (Eddie McClintock), who she sees due to the fact guaranteed prince whom compensates for all your frogs.

As soon as engaged, though, life starts to get complicated. She earns a advertising at your workplace that forces her to toil ungodly hours while she attempts to plan the perfect wedding, which include, among other items, teaching the reluctant Ben to dancing. (more…)

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