Gala Biography (Kazan, Russia, 1894 – Portlligat, Girona, 1982)

Gala Biography (Kazan, Russia, 1894 – Portlligat, Girona, 1982)

“we label my spouse: Gala, Galushka, Gradiva; Oliva, for the shape that is oval of face in addition to color of her epidermis; Oliveta, diminutive for Olive; and its particular delirious derivatives Oliueta, Oriueta, Buribeta, Buriueteta, Suliueta, Solibubuleta, Oliburibuleta, Ciueta, Liueta. I additionally call her Lionette, because when she gets furious she roars like the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lion”

Gala (Kazan, Russia, 1894 – Portlligat, Girona, 1982)

Salvador Dali’s spouse and muse, whoever name that is real Elena Ivanovna Diakonova had been a mystical and extremely intuitive woman, that has been in a position to recognise creative and innovative genius whenever she saw it, together with relations with a quantity of intellectuals and music artists.

However, the truth iss that little is well known about herpersonality: she had two older brothers, Vadim and Nicolai, a more youthful sister, Lidia; she invested her youth in Moscowand her father died whenever she had been eleven years old. Her mom remarried later on to an attorney, with who Gala related perfectly and as a result of who she been able to get a good training. She had been a student that is brilliant finishing her studies during the M.G. Brukhonenko academy for teenagers with a tremendously high average mark; a diploma through the tsar authorised her to be a main college instructor and also to provide classes in people’s homes. In 1912 she suffered a worsening of this tuberculosis which had afflicted her for some right time, and her household made a decision to move her intothe Clavadel sanatorium in Switzerland, where she came across Eugene Grindel (later on become referred to as Paul Eluard). Their comparable many years and love for reading made them become friends that are good. (more…)

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