I believe it was one of the primary points of stress

I believe it was one of the primary points of stress

Whom will pay the bill?

We encountered once I first started girls that are dating. Whom the f*ck will pay the bill?

This is what we discovered after many years of relentless bill anxiety: you are able to, needless to say, split the check. But ugh. Check-splitting is not sexy. It really is extremely unromantic. And I also have no idea in regards to you, but we crave r-o-m-a-n-c-e.

I might instead foot the bill that is entireand I also’m perhaps perhaps not a rich energy lesbian, YET) over going dutch any day for the week. The lines can currently get easily blurred between relationship and love in lesbian land, therefore I think you need to draw lines that are distinct. Keep your buddies friendly as well as your times datey.

If you are racked with fear in regards to the entire bill thing, i’ve a easy solution: Offer to cover the balance. Be ready to spend the balance.

Nonetheless, in the event that woman you are on a night out together with is vehement about having to pay the balance, allow her spend, babes. It really is OKВ to be treated. Straight girls get addressed on a regular basis. You aren’t robbed to be romantically indulged just as you’re a lesbian. Never feel responsible since it’s a woman. Get over that. I am aware it is not used to you, but a romantic date is a date is a night out together, and when she desires to spend, allow the bitch pay. (more…)

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