We aren’t rich, but we aren’t destitute either.

We aren’t rich, but we aren’t destitute either.

We now have little put aside in college cost cost cost savings so we hardly ever qualified for need based help. All of this places us squarely in the centre, such as large amount of families racking your brains on how exactly to purchase university.

So I’ll share exactly exactly exactly what we did to pay for spending money on four young ones in university at the same time.

8 Techniques I Utilized To Simply Help Us Pay For University

We used the techniques organized when you look at the investing in College 101 Facebook team that worked perfect for our house situation.

1. Run the price that is net (NPC) for each university your pupil is considering just before do just about anything else.

If the NPC results are likely to be crazy, don’t even visit, don’t even apply. (Unless there clearly was a compelling explanation like an unpublished scholarship your pupil could easily get.)

2. Encourage (i ought to probably say require) your pupil to use to a few REALLY schools that are safe-safety.

We look at a actually safe-safety college to be one where your student’s GPA and test scores are a lot greater than the faculty average. (more…)

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