Schneier on safety

Schneier on safety

The business Edgenuity offers AI systems for grading tests. Ends up that they simply seek out key words without doing any real analysis that is semantic.

It isn’t intelligence that is artificial natural stupidity placed on computers.

I will be maybe not astonished. Should anybody be astonished?

In European countries, Article 22 regarding the General information Protection Regulations (GDPR) offers up at the very least some algorithmic transparency. I’m no attorney but We think the quite demonstrably completely automated nature regarding the alleged algorithm that is AI right here will mean that a european pupil could demand to begin to see the algorithm to which (s)he was subject. Such transparency would clearly place a quick end to this kind of rubbish software and ideally the firms peddling it.

David Rudling “a european pupil could need to begin to see the algorithm to which (s)he had been subject.”


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