Whenever Gay Guys (Mis)Marry Directly Ladies: Bonnie Kaye’s Tale

Whenever Gay Guys (Mis)Marry Directly Ladies: Bonnie Kaye’s Tale

Each time a right girl marries a gay guy, just what does she experience?

Published Feb 11, 2019

Recently I talked with Bonnie Kaye, writer of Straight Wives, Shattered Lives: Stories of Women with Gay Husbands, among other publications, and host of Bonnie Kaye’s Straight Wives Talk Show on BlogTalkRadio. Bonnie has invested most of her adult life first living with and trying to love a homosexual spouse after which assisting other ladies in the exact same mis-marriage situation. (“Mis-marriage” is Bonnie’s term for “mistake in marriage. ” Other folks often make reference to these relationships with the term “mixed wedding. ”)

Because I’m sure countless homosexual males who have been when hitched to right females, with varying examples of quick and longer-term pleasure and misery, i desired to talk about this subject, and I also desired to do this through the right spouses’ perspective. Whom safer to speak with about any of it than Bonnie Kaye? Our discussion ended up being wide-ranging, starting with her very own wedding to a homosexual guy and progressing to just just just just how she surely could proceed post-marriage, sooner or later learning to be a stone for any other ladies in comparable circumstances.

On this page, We have presented component certainly one of this conversation, the storyline of Bonnie’s wedding and breakup. I shall publish component two, the aftermath, in a couple fuckcams.com of weeks.

Bonnie, could you let me know a small regarding the tale? Exactly what are the information on your very own wedding and exactly how do you cope?


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