Belgian Regulators Push for More Gambling Restrictions

Belgian Regulators Push for More Gambling Restrictions

Belgian regulators want further restrictions regarding the country’s online gambling industry. (Image:

In a global world where increasingly more nations are liberalizing their online gambling sectors allowing for increased competition, Belgium has been something of a outlier. From operating in the country while they haven’t banned Internet casinos, they have been very aggressive about blacklisting sites that they do not approve of, forcing Internet Service Providers to block access to them and preventing them.

But while these measures have held the Belgian on the web gaming marketplace rather restricted, regulators in the country want to get even further. In an open letter to the next government of Belgium, the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) has requested further restrictions on the gambling industry and a tighter legal framework for approved operators to exert effort within.

The demand comes as the BGC reports that nearly three times as many players in the united states participated in on the web gambling in comparison with those that used gambling that is land-based inside the country. In the Commission’s viewpoint, Internet gambling cannot be considered ‘as a normal economic activity,’ and thus, the hefty use of such sites is concerning.

Concerns Over Playing Identification, Participation by Minors

One of the major concerns expressed by the BGC is the feeling that player identification pc software (more…)

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