Skip Manners: I won’t ‘suck it up’ and give in to bride’s bath request

Skip Manners: I won’t ‘suck it up’ and give in to bride’s bath request

‘i enjoy her, not adequate to go out with my parents that are ex-husband’s’

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: Upon being expected by my daughter’s future mother-in-law for my ideas on a bridal bath, we texted my child before responding to.

The maid of honor is my 20-year-old, and so I offered to cover the party that is bridal host a bath at a nearby, fashionable brunch spot, welcoming future MIL, daughter’s stepmother, and all sorts of grandmothers.

My child then let me know that she along with her fiance preferred to ask her stepmother and dad to host it at their residence rather. We let her know that We wasn’t sure the way I felt about this. Whenever it absolutely wasn’t fallen, I happened to be impolite and stated, “I favor you, but we don’t love anybody sufficient to sit in Daddy’s home with their parents and family members.”

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