50 Liberating Relationship ‘Rules’ for Feminists to reside By

50 Liberating Relationship ‘Rules’ for Feminists to reside By

21. We won’t feel obligated to hold down with a partner’s misogynistic, racist, or friends that are intolerant family members.

22. We won’t keep quiet about my activism, shave my human body locks, or do just about anything else to tone myself right down to fit in with my partner’s friends or family members.

23. We won’t buy into the myth that I’m “high-maintenance” or “a great deal to take care of” for ensuring my psychological requirements are met.

24. I’ll demand courtesy, interaction, and thoughtfulness about permission from also my most casual intimate lovers.

25. We won’t have sexual intercourse in order to show I’m liberated.

26. Intercourse shall just add the thing I need it to consist of. I’ll take a moment to forego kissing, penetration, sexual climaxes, and just about every other “normal” element of intercourse that I don’t actually want.

27. We won’t go on a timeline that claims I must mate up, get hitched, or have kids by a certain age.

28. We won’t turn people down because other people think about them “different” or deem the partnership “unconventional.”

29. I’ll determine the way I experience every individual I meet, in the place of following prescribed roles that are societal our powerful.

30. I’ll make an effort to develop love for everybody, rejecting a narrow concept of love that claims it should be believed or expressed in a particular means toward|way that is certain} a select few individuals. (more…)

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