Kinky DIY: Turn your coffee dining dining table into a spanking work bench

Kinky DIY: Turn your coffee dining dining table into a spanking work bench

Keep in mind some time ago when I turned my Fleshlight publish as a spunk-milking device? Well, we made the decision I required a new project, therefore I got stuck in to even more kinky DIY: switching my coffee dining table as a customised spanking workbench. I’ve desired something similar to this for a while, but purchasing good, hefty, cushioned furniture to have thoroughly fucked on can really bugger your wallet. An effective bondage horse can cost you over $1,000 (about £740) as well as simply a set, padded BDSM board so I wanted to see if I could do it cheaper myself that you could put on a table somewhere costs nearly $300 (£220.

The brief: create one thing padded and comfortable that i could be bent over and strapped to while my partner beats me having a gear, or fucks me personally dismissively like he’s wanking. Crucial criteria:

  • the spanking work bench should be wipe-clean (therefore it does not get covered in jizz within 5 minutes)
  • it should be reasonably simple to conceal when individuals whom don’t wish to know about my sex-life visit and
  • it should cost a lower amount than ВЈ100 because i’m a cheapskate

Can you really get this sexy, sexy fantasy a truth? Let’s learn.

What you should create your kinky DIY spanking bench

First, you’re have to a coffee dining table. Here’s one I made early in the day.

In the event that you don’t have a coffee dining table you made early in the day, you need to use a coffee dining table some other person has made. I’m perhaps not planning to inform you simple tips to live life, but to be truthful i believe Ikea coffee tables are rubbish because they’re actually light and flimsy: if you prefer something inexpensive and sturdy take a look at your nearest charity store that offers furniture – British Heart Foundation have actually a good few – or head up to Gumtree for which you might even select one up 100% free. (more…)

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